PT. CAHAYA QANITA is involved in the repair and sale of aircraft parts, with the motto “PRESERVING QUALITY FOR SAFETY”, it has become our commitment to provide the best service and after service for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our pride.

We are constantly striving to provide the best for our customers by keeping and updating the paint materials we use and adding to the quality of human resources more reliably.

Workshop PT. CAHAYA QANITA is a trustworthy workshop in improving airframe because we promise and guarantee that workmanship is done and done by expert hands and advanced equipment.

We are very experienced in aviation, especially in the procurement of components, parts, equipment, and basic aircraft support. Our customers are Indonesian military and civil aviation as well as international markets.

To get our components cooperate with domestic suppliers and foreign suppliers.

We have been a member of Worldwide Worldwide Suppliers and Distributors Association, such as locator, fiparts, parts base, and custom aero spaces. so we easily sell and purchase components and components for associate members. With such support we are very competitive in terms of price, delivery time and quality assurance.